"When value exceeds price by one penny - They buy"

At Start Recruiting and Training we believe that in an ever more virtual world person-to-person sales is not only relevant, it is essential. It is the relationship with the salesperson that the customer gains added value. Salespeople creating value in themselvesyour dealership and the car is the philosophy in our approach to training.

START Recruiting and Training was started to recruit good people into auto sales. START provides candidates with a great training program designed around selling value, and then we place them in their new career.

Our candidates learn by doing! Every step of the sales process is role played so that from the moment they greet their first customer they have the confidence and the tools to create a new customer.

START Recruiting

This isn't an exact science however START’s selection process does make a difference in the quality of candidates. The combination of a motivated candidate and START's training produces salespeople with great chance at a new career.

Through a rigorous recruiting, we ensure that only the most qualified candidates are trained to work in your store.

Your dealership team will perform 2nd interview our potential trainees for selection - before they start the course.

Therefore, you get to pick your own team without having to waste time and energy on recruitment and training.

You and your sales management team can spend your time focusing on what you do...selling cars and making money!

START Training

"When value exceeds price by one penny - They buy"

Day One - We cover the entire process in a lecture discussion format so that the trainee understands why we do, what we do, and when we do it. This helps our candidates understand the big picture. We also cover what a normal sales day should look like and the daily effort involved to achieve the success they desire.

Day Two - We role play the entire process with the trainee. If they role play with us they will be more confident and better prepared to meet a customer.

Day Three (How to be a long term pro) - We will cover the annuity of the car sales. Showing if you remain in the business and develop relationships, what it could be worth to you in the long term.


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