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START Recruitment and Training's mission is to find, train and place talented people with a new career in automotive sales. We believe there is a large pool of talented people who would enjoy a career selling cars, but need the professional sales training required to guarantee their success.

START Recruitment and Training 

We will place you in a Automotive Sales Job and give you support as you begin your new career as an automotive salesperson.

We will give you the training needed to enable you to reach your earning potential

And the best part...START Recruitment and Training does not charge the candidate for anything involved in this process. The Auto Dealers pay us to find and train you..


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We have 40 Auto Sales Career Oppurtiunities available with some of the biggest and best Auto Groups around. 

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I never in a million years would have thought this business would be this rewarding. May will make a full year and this past year I have made a bit more than double than I ever had in any year, no matter what job I was working. Just wanted to say I appreciate all the training START put me through, and to this day, every deal, I always think of the tips I’ve learned from your training. Thanks again.
-Matt Rittmer-
— Start Recruiting testimonials
Hey Mike, it’s Sid from the class this week. I just wanted to thank you again for everything that you taught us, it truly is going to help out in the long run and short run too. It definitely helped build some confidence and that is something I really needed coming into sales with no experience what so ever. Thank you!
— Sid
Thank You Rhonda! I finished my class today and was totally blown away by my teacher/drill sargent.:)Mr Mahoney showed the poise&grace that I will remember4evr.


My Story

I started selling in my late teens and understood immediately that auto sales was my future. I was able to pay my own way through college (it was a lot cheaper back then), making my annual tuition selling two to three weeks in the summer.

Senior year of college we had prestigious companies come interviewing, selling cradle to grave security, however what they were offering I was making in a summer selling cars. So I came into the car business.

I always enjoyed the fact that one is paid exactly what they are worth - and you decide what that number is,.. We say "raises are effective when you are - you don't have to ask for one".

If you like the idea of being in control of your own destiny and enjoy people, consider my career.


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