At START Recruiting and Training

we believe the automotive sales career is a great opportunity.


People People

In our industry you’re going to meet two to three new people each day and you’re going to like and enjoy most of them. So if you like meeting and helping people, this job is for you. 


The Pay

Have you heard the old story about the kid who asked a farmer for a job? The farmer said "sure" and then the kid asked how much he would get paid. With that the farmer said "I'll pay you exactly what your worth". The kid thought about it for a while and said "I won't work for that!"

Most dealerships will help you get started with a training salary. For the first month or two a salary is available while you get your feet under you. After that you will go on commission on a per car basis. The more you sell the more you will make. Some people prefer the security of a steady check and that’s okay, this career isn’t for everyone. However, if you like the idea of getting paid exactly what you’re worth then this could be a great fit!

In this economy commission jobs may afford you the best opportunity to make the income you desire.


The Hours

Dealerships are open during retail hours. That means they are open evenings, Saturdays and some holidays. You will be scheduled for about a 45 hour week, however if you are busy you could be at the store 60 hours a week. The good news is, that if you are there you’re meeting with customers and selling.

You will have to work Saturdays and probably two to three late nights a week. You will get Sundays off in Indiana and one additional day during the week.

In the effort of full disclosure, benefits vary from store to store so this will be covered once you interview with a prospective employer.

This is a W-2 job. The dealers do withholding. Dealers also offer benefits. Almost all dealers have health insurance and some offer dental and optical, however some will have a waiting period before you can enroll. Others offer a 401K and some dealers will match. Vacations are available once you have been there for ascertain time period.


You don't have to ask for one - Raises are effective when you are!



If you are good and interested in advancement, it is available. Dealers do not promote mediocrity. Dealers promote successful people who can lead, motivate and coach others on how to be the same. Many of our trained salespeople have advanced into management. Some within their first year of selling cars.

Opportunities include: Business Management, Sales Management, Special Finance, and for the elite we offer the possibly of General Management.



If you like people and you’re tired of limited opportunities to develop your talents then this is your chance! We don't outsource and you won't be laid off. If you can sell you have a job, it’s that simple. This career has supported many families with a decent living over the years. Automotive sales has paid for colleges, cars, homes and vacations. The only requirement is that you take responsibility for yourself and your success.

 So why not try my career and see what you can do?


Available Sales Positions

We have 40 Auto Sales Career Oppurtiunities available with some of the biggest and best Auto Groups around.